Mission Statement

The Brotherhood of Elders Network is an intergenerational network of men of African ancestry who foster environments where Black boys and young men are empowered to flourish.

    • We advocate for males of African ancestry from infancy to adulthood.
    • We leverage our resources and relationships to benefit Black boys.
    • We maintain cultural connections to our African heritage.
    • We advance and preserve the health and wellness of our families and communities.

The Principles that Guide Us

    • Innovation – By understanding the current conditions of our youth culture and applying resources to support it, we provide leadership in the development of new and innovative social, political, and educational programs that have positive impacts on Black males.
    • Excellence – Our reputation is based on being thorough, efficient, effective, accountable and producing superior outcomes in everything we do. We consistently work for the innate greatness of ourselves as Black men for the development of Black males.
    • Purpose – We advocate for males of African ancestry from infancy to adulthood.
    • Integrity – We are dependable and reliable Black men who conduct ourselves with honesty and transparency. Our positive words and actions are our bond. We keep it 100!
    • Collective Work and Responsibility –To achieve maximum community impact, we collectively build and leverage programs and initiatives that support our individual contributions. 

Goals & Strategies


Institute positive changes in the beliefs, behaviors, and overall achievements of Black boys and young men.

    • Transfer knowledge, experience, and learnings to Black boys and young men
    • Become a presence in the lives of Black boys and young men
    • Leverage skills, abilities, and relationships on behalf of Black boys and young men

We will use SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Based) to measure specific Network programs and initiatives.

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